Susan Boyle Sings A Beautiful Cover Of “You Raise Me Up” And Left The Audience In Awe

Susan Boyle from “Britain’s Got Talent” has been requested to appear in numerous events and shows to sing and show her talent around the world. Her charisma makes the crowd go wild and want to hear more of her. Wherever she goes, the audience falls in love with her because of her powerful voice, unlike the first time she appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” where everyone judged her while auditioning. From that moment up until now, she has gone through a difficult journey, and even though she was opted out from the show by the viewers it still goes to show how many more fans she has around the world. Susan Boyle appears in Texas, Lakewood Church in Houston to sing “You Raise Me Up”.

Susan Boyle (Joel Osteen) ~ "You Raise Me Up" ~ (17 Nov 13)