Sweet Little Girl Sings For Her Dad, Her Voice Will Steal Your Heart

Three-year-old Claire Ryann has a passion for singing thanks to her dad. Her dad is a professional music producer and singer, so that may explain why sweet little Claire loves to sing too. Claire decided to show off her singing to her dad by singing her favourite song from The Little Mermaid, “Part Of Your World”. Her sweet voice is stealing the hearts of many people. You can tell that Claire is from a loving family and is going to go far in life.

Dave and Ashley are Claire’s parents; they have been college sweethearts for as long as they can remember. They love birds married each other when Dave was 22 and Ashley just shy of her 19th birthday. Several years later, Dave and Ashley settled in Seattle and gave birth to both Claire and their new addition to the family, baby Carson.

Ashley remembers Claire singing from a young age and would stand in front of the mirror and sing for hours. That is when the couple decided to take Claire to junior singing lessons so that Claire could follow her passion. The parents were praised for doing so by Claire’s fans, as they love hearing her sing. Claire and her parents go by the name ‘The Crosbys’ and have fans going crazy every time they upload a new video.

Claire’s father, Dave, stated that Claire, 3-years-old at the time, would sing sings Part of Your World from Disney’s Little Mermaid for hours on end. This shortly changed after Frozen was released in cinema. Claire has loved singing Disney songs since she was 1-year-old, and her parents hope her passion for singing remains as she grows older.

Part of Your World - Little Mermaid (Claire at 3 Years Old)