Teen Male Cries In Court After Being Sentenced For Molesting A 4-Month-Old Baby

19-year-old Elisha Fernandez a resident near copper and Chelwood Park, Northeast of Albuquerque had been arrested on suspicion of beating and raping a 4-month-old baby. The baby is his girlfriends and Elisha admitted on the day he was arrested that he had hit the baby girl in the face.

The amount of physical abuse towards the baby was extreme that it has left the child on a life support machine with minimal chance of survival. Elisha Fernandez had stated that his reason for being violent towards the kid was due to money problems and being woken up by the baby’s cries.

Officer Simon Drobik from the Albuquerque Police department said that the suspect “had no remorse” and the charges he will be facing are “way too graphic to be aired live.” Officer Drobik’s words indicate that the 4-month baby was raped and molested.

4 Month Old Molested