Teenager Was Dragged By Gym Teacher To Go Into The Pool, This Is Disgusting

Denny Peterson 47-year-old Gym teacher who worked at Edison High School in Stockton, California was charged with child abuse. The gym teacher was caught on camera dragging his 13-year-old student into the swimming pool. He started using force on her when she refused to go into the pool. Her reason was that she got her hair done for an event that was going to happen later in the evening out of school hours and she didn’t want to ruin it.

The teenager’s friends and peers were vastly upset and horrified by the scene and tried on many occasions to stop Peterson. Denny would not stop even when the students were trying to pour water all over him and hit him with water floats. He continued dragging her even after her screaming many times to stop, he especially didn’t stop when she said her bikini bra was coming off.

The 13-year-old who has been asked not to be named mentioned to the papers “I was embarrassed and angry that he was doing all of this in front of people, just putting his hands on me.”
Her attorney Gilbert Somera added to the interview “No means no, and stop certainly means stop. This was carried on for more than a minute and a half, two minutes. He dragged her down from the stairs. She’s got big bruises on her leg. At some point as an adult, you have to say, “What am I doing?”

Denny Peterson has been jailed for 10 days as well as on probation for three years for the unlawful use of violence and force on a teenage child.

Watch Gym Teacher Try To Drag Student Into Pool