The Life Of A Life-Guard And What Motivated Him To Become One Is Emotional

Terry keeps the beaches of Australia safe, he is a lifeguard at Australia’s world-famous Bondi Beach. Bondi beach lifeguards have been known for their bravery and won several awards. With the vast amounts of people in the water, the lifeguards at Bondi Beach have to be sharp and always keep a look out for sharks, mass amount of people drowning and children being caught in the waves. Working at a beach with large amounts of people in the water, the lifeguards have to be prepared for anything.

On this occasion Terry had already attached a camera to his surfboard and happened to see a little girl gasping for air in the water, so within seconds Terry reached her and got her on board the surf board. Terry goes on to tell us why he decided to become a lifeguard in the first place, and it is quite emotional.

'Terry' Saves a Child | Bondi Rescue S8 E6