The Rock Surprises This Women, She Has No Idea Her Veteran Husband Is Behind Her

Dwayne Johnson better known by his stage name “The Rock” has been in the public eye more than ever recently, he has starred in various films, become a producer and lastly his generous charity work. Dwayne Johnson has always shown great support to our Military troops. Dwayne alongside Jimmy Fallon surprises Karina who is an Army Veteran and the producer of The Tonight Show which Jimmy Fallon is a host of Karina is thrilled to be surprised by the handsome Dwayne Johnson, but little does she know Dwayne has one more surprise waiting for her.

Dwayne managed to arrange a flight for her husband master sergeant Todd home in time for Christmas. Tod is also a member of our military and was stationed more than 5,000 miles away from home. Dwayne tells Karina to turn around and has the surprise of her life. This reunion is such an emotional moment for the both of them, and it was all possible thank to Dwayne Johnson.