These Investors Laughed At This Honest Christian Farmer, His Response Left Them Shocked

Johnny Georges went on the television show ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch his idea. Shark Tank is where people go looking for an investment and help to market their product. This show is based off ‘Dragons Den’ from the United Kingdom and has since had many spin-offs in different countries. All the shows have the same idea behind them, someone pitches their product to multi-millionaires and then they will either shred you to pieces for lack of knowledge of your product or business model, or they will take interest and make you an offer for equity in your business.

The majority of the time, many of the products brought to these ‘Sharks’ get torn into pieces because someone might of have overestimated their gross/net profits. Watch as they try and rip Johnny Georges’s product apart, but once he tells them his background story, he leaves them stunned and wins them over.

A farmer goes on 'Shark Tank'