These Young Boys Where Given Instructions To Slap A Girl, What Happened Next Was Incredible!

A randomly selected group of boys aged from as little as seven years old to eleven years were faced with and given a series of questions and instructions, as a part of a social experiment. The experiment was to see what the views of young children are towards domestic violence towards females.

The young males were being asked general questions initially, like name, age, what they would like to be in the future and why. They all had varied answers from wanting to become a firefighter, police officer, pizza maker, soccer player and a baker. The reasons behind their future carer options were simple, caring and some even funny.

Later they were presented with a girl in front of them, Martina, who was also involved with the social experiment. The young children were then asked to carry out a series of 4 tasks towards Martina. The first task was a question of what they liked about the girl; one boy even asked to be her boyfriend. The second task was to caress the girl, the third task was to make her smile by making a funny face, and finally, the last task was to slap the girl.

The boy’s reactions were speechless, they all immediately felt sad and denied to complete the task even after being asked to do it the second time. They didn’t follow the instructions given to them and did not harm the girl. As they didn’t slap, Martina they were all asked as to why they did not carry out this task.

Their answers were incredible, some said simply because she is a girl, another did not want to hurt her. One boy referenced Jesus and said that he would not want anyone to be harmed. The sweetest reply was a quote that  “girls should not be hit not even with a flower, or a bouquet of flowers”.

These young children have been brought up and raised well, and by teaching them from young that domestic violence towards both male and female are wrong then there would be less harm, danger and violence in our world. MANY of us could learn a thing or two from these kids, WELL DONE BOYS!

“Slap her": children's reactions