They Are Randomly Told They Are Beautiful, Observe Their Reactions It Is Delightful.

Everyone likes a compliment once in a while, it makes you feel good about yourself. All our lives we aspire to look more beautiful, as society keeps changing and moving forward; always showing us photoshopped images of models on massive billboards. No matter how many times you try to tell yourself you are beautiful, you never seem to believe yourself, sometimes you need to hear it from others. Watch the amazing reactions given by each person, when they are told they are beautiful from a stranger.

This video is captured by Shea Glover who attends high school in Chicago, USA. Shea got ahold of her camera and went out to conduct a social experiment and film people’s reactions. She goes onto telling each person “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful.” and each and every single one of them blushes with a smile. Sometimes all you need in life, is someone to make you smile.

People Are Told They Are Beautiful
People Are Told They Are Beautiful

Watch the video below

People react to being called beautiful