They Installed A Camera To Find Out Why Grandma Keeps Getting Bruises, Shocking!

Minnie Graham’s grandchildren were told ‘Minnie keeps falling out of the wheelchair’ when they started to notice bruises all over her body, including on her face. Minnie 98-years-old was housed at Garland, Texas, and her grandchildren suspected that she might be mistreated and physically abused by the staff. Graham’s grandchildren who are now adults installed a hidden camera in her room to see what was going on, what they saw left them in shock and tears. Ever since the undercover footage was released, the workers are on the run. Sadly Minnie Graham passed away a month later, as her body just gave up. She was described as a loving and caring person, that always brought a smile to people’s faces. Rest In Peace.

Grandma Keeps ‘Falling Out Of Wheelchair,’ So She Installs A Camera To See If Nurses Are Lying