They Stood Still For A Couple Of Seconds, What Happened Next Was Amazing

W.O.W (Wonders On Wheels) is a Revere Dance Studio situated in Cincinnati, United States of Ohio. WOW teaches individuals who have special needs and disabilities to dance; the ages range from as little as 6-years-old to 27-years. Shadows (in black) help these children on wheelchairs by volunteering, and the waiting list is a long wait for those who want to volunteer as shadows for these individuals with special needs. W.O.W decided to dedicate a performance to one of their fellow team members/friend “Katie” who passed away a year ago in 2015.

They chose the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and was choreographed by the owner of the studio, Tracy Burgoon. Owner Tracy Burgoon and her husband John Burgoon decided to open this studio for these people not only so that they can just dance but also to give them an opportunity to shine in competitions and therefore both the owners have a policy of NO FEES. This group and studio definitely deserve to be recognized and noticed; they’re doing a great job.

WOW -Wonders on Wheels 2016