This Dog Was Beaten Up Every Day For 1 Year, Watch As Someone Tries To Stroke Him

Miron, a 1-year-old dog, has lived a life of hell, he has been beaten up every day of his life. No animal or human should ever have to go through this, Miron was afraid of the Romanian Shelter animal rescuers and thought he was going to get abused again. Watch as Gina one of the rescuers tries to caress the poor dog, and he screams out in fear. The dog has never known any love or kindness, so this was a first for him. Moments later the dog calms down and realizes that the rescuers are not going to hurt him. Miron was taken to the Animal Shelter where he was given medication and brought up to health. Miron now goes by the name ‘Kayne’ and has been adopted by a loving family.

Traumatised dog in Romanian shelter