This Dog Was Chained Up For 4 Years, His Reaction When He Is Un-Chained Is Priceless

For four years Diesel was chained in freezing conditions and was desperately hoping that someone would save him from all the abuse and trauma that he went through. Diesel was badly abused by his owner, it even came to a point where Diesel’s owner wanted to shoot him and leave him dead. When Diesel was found chained up in the freezing cold he had wounds that showed that another dog had attacked him and left him with deep shoulder wounds. As he was examined further there were visible traces of dried blood on his face which was because of a horse hitting Diesel on the face which also left him with broken teeth and a split tounge. It is cruel to hurt anyone including animals, no one deserves to go through a life like this. But watch this video of Diesel’s journey after he was rescued, maybe you can also help other dogs like him.

Chained In Freezing Cold - A Dog's Rescue and Happy Ending