This Man Beat His Girlfriend Senseless, The Reason Will Leave The World Petrified

Kelsie Skillen aged 19 years old was dating James McCourt also aged 19 years old from Glasgow, Scotland. They were both in a relationship until one day when the couple returned home from an outing James had forgetting his jacket and cigarettes and blamed his girlfriend Kelsie. Now he did not just verbally abuse this teenager and make her think that it was her fault for leaving his belongings behind, but he had beat her for four hours and locked her in the house as a punishment.

Luckily she managed to get a few minutes to escape when James went into the bathroom. She took her iPad and contacted her mother who then rushed her to the hospital to attend to her cuts, bruises, and her swollen face. James was later arrested and pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

However, McCourt did not seem to care about getting arrested and therefore will be monitored closely for 8 months after he leaves prison and for 5 years is not allowed any form of contact with Kelsie.

Woman reveals horrific injuries after thug boyfriend locked her in house and battered her