This Man Punches A Kangaroo In The Face To Save His Dog From A Kangaroo

Kakarot Foundation gathered to grant one last wish for a young person living with terminal cancer. His wish was to catch a wild boar, so they rounded up local hunters in the area to grant this request. During the hunting expedition, one of the trained dogs got into a scuffle with a big buck kangaroo. The big buck kangaroo had the dog in a headlock and was holding him by the protective armor he was wearing. Ewan Hughes quickly jumped into action and ran towards the kangaroo, as the kangaroo came closer to him he punched it in the face and stunned the animal. They eventually caught a wild boar and made Jonah’s wish come true. Unfortunately, Jonah lost his brave battle with his terminal cancer three days later. Thank you Kakarot Foundation for making his last wish come true.

Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog (Original HD) || ViralHog