Toddler Beaten to Death By Mother’s Boyfriend, Reason Why Is Sickening

Jamarius Devonti Graham 21-year-old was recently arrested and charged with assaulting a child. A two-year-old toddler Aaliyah Lewis was being taken care of by her mother’s boyfriend Jamarius Devonti Graham. Aaliyah’s mother was unable to her hold of Aaliyah’s biological father who would usually look after the toddler when the mother needed to be out, so she asked her boyfriend Jamarius to take care of her child. Little did the mother know that the man that she trusted her child with would end up harming her.

Jamarius snapped at the young toddler when she accidentally wet the bed, he took her out of bed and started to spank her. After beating the child 20 times he used a plastic hanger on her until it broke into pieces. When Aaliyah’s mother arrived Graham he quickly explained what he did but did not hit her very hard. Aaliyah started to have problems with breathing, but her mother did nothing as she was afraid her daughter would be taken away from her.

A good 90 minutes later the mother then decided it was time to call for help but it was too late, Aaliyah was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived at the hospital. Graham pleaded guilty and is now facing thirty years in prison.