Toddler Is Thrilled To Discover He Will Be A Little Big Brother

This jolly toddler was shown a picture of an ultra-scan form his mother, to his surprise he discovered he will become a ‘little’ big brother. You can see the excitement on his joyful face, kids always have the best reactions.

Ethan shown in the video had no idea that he was going to become a big brother to (Macie) who is now 3-years-old her self. Ethan’s father thought it would make a great family memory by recording Ethan’s reaction. Little did the parents know, that Ethan’s reaction would go viral.

After gaining so much attraction, Ethan became the most popular boy in school. Ethan is now 7-years-old and is now joined by his infamous little sister Macie in the same school. She was already somewhat of a celebrity among her fellow classmates. Ethan and Macie have gone onto making several more videos on YouTube. Ethan’s parents can no believe the success their videos have brought, what started off as a family memory has changed their lives forever.

My 5yr olds reaction to becoming a big brother.