‘Ugliest Woman Alive’ Strikes Back And Thanks Those Who Bullied Her

“Big things come in little packages”, Lizzie a 26 year old female born in Texas USA is a living proof of this statement, and one of the biggest targets for the nearby bullies. For those who have been through the toughness of bullying can understand with a clear mind that once you have been bullied, it can be something that stays beside you for many years. Lizzie Velasquez has a rare genetic disorder which she was born with. It affects nearly every part of her body such as her heart, brain, eyes, muscles, power to gain/lose weight as well as her face!

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Lizzie was her parents little gift from God, a miracle as they would say.  Before she was born the medical practitioner at that time had clearly stated that she will not be able to survive, and even if there was a small chance that she entered this world then Lizzie has a high chance of not being capable of managing  to do anything such as physical activities or speak. Then from the moment she was born her parents became her protectors, her big shield, her guardian angels.

From a young age, the age of five to be precise she had been bullied but that didn’t stop Lizzie and neither her parents. She fought her whole life and continued to be just like a normal child such as taking part in activities during her school years. From a young age we would have a handful of friends or even the one or two beside us, but for Lizzie it was her toughest challenge through-out her years. So she kept on going and continued to live the normal life until she saw herself, on Youtube.

Now for most of us that would be a surprise and something we would probably be happy about, however for Lizzie there was no stopping her tears. It was not the case that she was on Youtube for a short period of time, but the shocking fact of the title of the video… “ The Ugliest Woman ALIVE!”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Now for a minute let’s forget that there was 4 Million views and focus on the section with despiteful comments towards her, because that’s exactly what she did. She searched through all the comments hoping for a soul to fight on her behalf, but there was nothing. Instead the comments stated that she should burn herself alive, terminate her life or her parents should have killed her when they had the chance.

But that wasn’t the end for Lizzie, she continued to gain courage and from all the cruelty that she faced, and she decided to take action and show light to millions by enlightening and aspiring people about her personal experience of bullying. she spoke about the video that changed her life and said…

“Even though things are hard, I can’t let that define me. My life was put into my hands just like your life was put into yours. You were put in the front seat of the car. You are the one who decides if your car goes down a bad path or a good path. You are the one that decides what defines you.” This speech had doubled her figures from 4 million to 8 million views.

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

After her TED Talk speech, she was contacted to be highlighted in a broadcast titled “A Brave Heart.” where she said…

“When you see the film, it is my story, but it’s also everyone’s story. People can relate to being bullied or feeling insecure or being embarrassed by their looks. Unfortunately bullying will never end – ever. It’s a big reminder that there is work to do to ensure others do not feel alone. We have to show them there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Lizzie continued to take all the negativity and cruel comments and use that as her motivation to success and achieve her aims, by inspiring others to take their weakness and drive them towards progression in life. She doesn’t say that this will end all misery but will carry individuals to a more successful path.

Lizzie then ends by saying something that would apply to everyone’s life is that…

“I always tell people that on sad days allow yourself to be alone, close the blinds and block the world out and cry but let it out of your system for one day, and then when the sun comes out the next day push yourself to reach for your happiness” because that’s what everyone deserves.

You can view her amazing speech at TEDx below.

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