United Airlines Passenger Covered In Blood After Being Dragged Off An Overbooked Flight

Traveling on a plane can be a nightmare, but no-one thought it would be this horrific. This clip recorded by a United Airlines passenger shows moments of a shocking scene when a passenger is dragged out of his chair because they accidently overbooked their flight. The passenger who happens to be a doctor was dragged out of his seat and had his head knocked onto a headrest, bearing him concussed and blood coming from his mouth. The doctor told United Airlines staff that he needed to be at the hospital the next day to perform an operation.

The shocking video seems like a scene from the movie ‘Fight Club.’ The 1hr 30mins flight from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was delayed for up to two hours because United Airlines overbooked their flight. After asking passengers to leave the plane voluntarily, plain clothed police began removing passengers with force. The Chicago Police released a statement stating the man “fell” from his chair.