War Heroes Are Given A Chance To Experience The Sensational Moments Of Their Babies Being Born

This story brought a tear to my eye, being able to reconstruct it on a virtual headset and to experience it later is such a great feeling. Millions of fathers miss out on the opportunity to experience seeing their babies being born when they are delayed away from home at war. This gives the heroes a great chance to experience that breathtaking moment for themselves.

This emotional and extraordinary experience was developed by Samsung. They continue to be technology innovators, looking for new opportunities that can help humans became closer to each other through technology.  Samsung wanted to help Jason and his wife, Alison Larke, to reconnect for the birth of their first child.

What would seem like something out of a movie was now possible thanks to Samsungs technology. They were able to live-stream Alison giving birth directly to Jason while he was deployed in the military. A virtual reality helmet was used to steam the live stream, to provide Jason with the experience of being there in real life.

Jason was more than 4,000 miles away, protecting his country and bringing freedom to others. Samsung is trying to make this possible for all military personnel that are deployed. Being able to witness your child’s birth is an experience every parent should experience and should not be deprived of it. Hopefully, this new technology becomes a norm for military personnel while they are deployed.

Samsung livestreamed the birth of a child in virtual reality