Watch In Horror As This Man Dismantles And Exterminates A Huge Hornet Nest

Jude Verret who owns Stinger Creations is deemed a superhero by many after he uploaded this video to his YouTube channel. Jude recorded himself taking care of a gigantic hornet’s in Patterson, LA. The Gigantic Yellow Jacket Nest was one of the biggest Jude has tackled, but it was no match for him as he wore 2 white hazmat suits to prevent stings.

His close point of view camera gives the viewers a nail-biting experience, you can hear the wasps tapping against his camera as they fly by. Jude has been exterminating wasps for just over 24 years now it was recommended by his wife to start recording his encounters.

The gigantic yellow jacket hornets are venomous but luckily Jude has an antidote at hand. Jude comments that these hornets are good for nothing, they do not make honey, nor do they help plants by transferring pollen.

Massive Hornet Nest Removal