Woman Bashes Her Dog And Throws Him In The Dumpster, Laughs When Being Arrested

Ashley Dashiell, 36, of Cumberland County, Maryland was arrested after a neighbor found her dog in the dumpster. Animal rescue and police were at the scene to make out what happened to the poor dog. Several bruises and cuts were found on the dog which was dead at the scene.

They went into Dashiell’s house and found blood all over her carpet which matched the DNA of the dog. When questioned Dashiell confessed to bashing the dogs head on the table because it would not stop eating food. She said the dog became a liability for her and too expensive.

Faced with a financial struggle, she took her anger out on the poor dog and bashed its head until it stopped moving. Whilst being arrested, Dashiell laughed and smiled for her booking photo. Dashiell’s lawyer seems to be pushing the case towards a mental health problem and claiming insanity. Chances are she may get away with her crimes if the judge accepts her plea for mental health.