Woman Beings Praying When Pit Bull Rips Her Apart, Than A Car Comes Rushing

Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey were out for a run in a rural area of Carroll County, Indiana. They were at their grandfather’s property and the area was fenced up, when all of a sudden four dogs appeared in front of them. The dog’s thought the girls were breaching their territory and became vicious, in order to protect their territory the dogs started lashing out on them.

Rick Darter the dog’s owners came and tried calling their dog’s off during the attack. The dog attacking Rebekah did not stop and she ended up losing a part of her scalp and had several cuts all over her body. Janet Eikenberry heard screams coming from a distant and jumped in her Cadillac Escalade and drove straight towards the screams. She pulled the dog off her and put Rebekah in the SUV, she was rushed to the hospital and received just over 150 stitches due to the attack.

Four pit bulls attack two women in Carroll County