Woman Faces Misdemeanor After Leaving Dog In Backyard For 3 Months Without Food

Nino the dog has been labeled “lucky to be alive” after he was left for dead in Kellen Jones backyard. Dog owner Kellen Jones, 27, left their dog in their backyard without any food or water. The dog drank sewage and rain water to survive and after three months had zero percent body fat. Veterinarians were surprised how the dog was still alive and his determination kept him alive. They explained that Nino barely had a gain of sugar as energy in his body. Kellen explained that they were too poor to feed their dog, but showed clear signs of ordering take-away in their household. They now face a Class A misdemeanor which some have said is too light of a judgment.

Dog Survives After Being Left in Memphis Backyard for 3 Months Without Any Food; Owner Arrested