Woman Finds Out Shocking Truth About Her Baby Boy After He Is Born

Most babies are born with very fine hair or some peach fuzz but this little boy Junior Cox-Noon didn’t have the same story as other babies. Junior is from U.K and was born in August when his mother Chelsea Noon was giving birth to him she struggled and lost a lot of blood due to Junior being a big baby weighing 10 pounds. When he was born he had a lot of hair on his head for a baby and Chelsea was worried as her previous two children were not born with that much hair.

Chelsea thought there might have been a medical problem and consulted with her midwife and doctor who told her that Junior Cox-Noon would eventually lose his baby hair in the next few weeks. However, as weeks went by Junior was not losing any hair instead it kept on growing, he now has a new nickname “baby bear” because of his hair. Watch the video below to see more of baby Junior Cox- Noon and see what his mother has to say about him too.