Woman Kicked In The Face For Wearing Shorts, The Man Was Released Without Charge

Mr. Çakıroğlu is accused of verbally and physically assaulting a 23-year-old nurse. Aysegul Terzi was on a public bus in Istanbul when the assault took place. Çakıroğlu saw the 23-year-old wearing shorts and which offended him, he thought that it was too short and revealing. So instead of going on with the rest of his journey like most people would, he decided to kick the 23-year-old nurse in the face. No idea what he thought he would accomplish by that, but after doing so he ran off the bus and was later arrested. To everyone’s shock Çakıroğlu was set free despite him telling the judge “Those who wear shorts must die”.

'Hands off our shorts': Women protest in Turkey after brutal assault