Women Was Told She Couldn’t Give Birth, Proves The World Wrong

As women we all dream to have a child of our own and the same goes for our partners, but unfortunately not all women are able to give birth to a child of their own. having a family of our own is something that we aim to achieve in our lives no matter what the age maybe. Some women like Malin Stenberg (swedish) have been born with a syndrome called Rokitansky, where women have no uterus or even a vagina due to a rare genetic disorder.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Malin decided to go for an artificial vagina when she was a youth, knowing that this would not help her have any children. In previous projects, people have donated their body parts once they die and that is what would be used by many organisations for women to have a uterus, but the downfall is that the human body always rejects this form implant.

Claes Nilsson, Malin’s partner decided to search for a solution that would help her conceive a child as he to wanted a child of his own. He managed to find a project which she was selected into and would also be classed as “little risky”, as it included a foreign uterus also known as donated parts from the dead.

Fortunately for the couple an old family friend, 61 year old Ewa Rosen had changed their lives forever and happily donated her uterus to Malin and stated that she had lived her life as she was able experience the wonderful moments of being a mother by giving birth to her own children. And now Ewa wanted Malin to have an experience of her own.

Surprisingly 42 days after the transfer of the implant had taken place Malin had experienced her first ever periods and that at the age of 32 years. Not long after, in fact after a year Malin had discovered that she was pregnant, and for her the joys of nearly becoming a mother had all flowed through.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

However 31 weeks into Malin’s pregnancy she was pressured to have a C- section as their was to many complications to her pregnancy. This impacted the couple hugely as the doctors were unable to trace if the complications were due to the transplant, so they took the shot and kept their hopes us high. At this point many individuals may have been told that the baby may not be able to survive, but for Malin this was not the case. From all the unexpected events she have birth to a child of her own, a healthy little boy who had no signs of any complication… and for a mother what more can you ask for.

For all those women out there who think they will never be able to give birth, think again..
There’s an opportunity waiting out there for you!