Young Boy Was Caught Sneaking Into A Random Garage. Watch What Happens Next

A young little boy called was caught on a CCTV camera going into someone else’s garage on a daily basis. After the owner reviewed his camera footage he could not believe what he was seeing. The young boy was seen peddling his bike into the garage and then upon unmounting his bike, he is seen running straight to the dog and giving it a hug. The hugs would range from anywhere between a quick one-second hug, to sometimes a whole 1-minute long hug.

The owner of the dog and the garage was taken back by this and wanted to find out more. He soon discovered the boy’s name was Josh, who was identified by his mum. They live in the same neighbourhood as the owner and Josh’s mum explained exactly what she thought was happening. Josh’s beloved dog died a year ago, he was born on the same day as the dog and both grew up together. They were partners in crime and would do everything together.

Josh’s mother explained that the two were inseparable and would often get up to sweet mischiefs, such as keeping each other up at night. They loved each other like young brothers would, until one day Josh’s dog fell suddenly ill. A year later after his dog’s passing, Josh saw a dog that looked just like his long-beloved pal and without hesitating went straight to the dog and gave it a hug. Josh would go there every day and give the dog a hug, and the dog would simply allow him.

Dogs are known for their sixth senses, and can often sense when someone is releasing emotion. In this case, the dog was able to sense that Josh was emotional and needed a hug, little did the dog know that it would become a daily encounter. The dog would often wait for Josh and his hugs, as he waddled his tail in anticipation.

The clip was shared on Facebook by the dog’s owner, as he thought it would bring happiness to those who watch it. He has no idea that news channels would pick up on this story and overnight it became the talk of the town. Josh and his new pal meet daily and often go to the park together with the whole family. The two have become stars in the area, and get smiles and waves everywhere they go.

Boy Caught On Video Sneaking Into Garage to Hug Dog: He's Over Every Day Now