Young Child Saved Dad’s Life, But Her Confession To 911 Will Make You Laugh

“I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but he really needs oxygen, real fast”

These days’ children grow up so fast it’s unbelievable how quick sometimes. This 5-year-old hasn’t even fully understood the meaning of life but somehow managed to save her father’s life. Savannah’s father believed he was having a heart attack and asked his daughter to get some help, so the fist this she did was call for emergency services. When she started talking to the operator she acted like a grown-up girl doing and answering the right questions. Eventually, Savannah was so comfortable with the operator that she ended up introducing their family pet dog LouLou to her. Not only that she also threw in a few humorous comments and it just makes you wonder how amazing the skills and abilities of children’s these days are. Watch and share, who knows maybe another child can save another life.

Little girl calls 911 - Adorable - "He can't hardly breathe"