“Youngest Landlord In America” Watch How She Managed This At The Age Of 14

Children have become so advanced these days that it makes us rethink of what we used to do at their age. Now-a-days we have so many talents that pop out of nowhere, and as parents make us proud when they become successful in what they do. Willow Tufano a 14-year-old teenager decides to make money from a young age, but unlike others the money she got from her new business she decided to save up. Within a year and half she saved up enough to buy herself a house (with some help from her mother). At the age of 14 I don’t think we would have even imagined to rent a home of our own let alone buy a house. She is now known as the youngest landlord in America. Watch her discuss with Ellen how she managed to do this.

The Incredible 14-year-old Who Bought a House